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The Ochima Foundation, in partnership with the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation (BSOF), hosted the second edition of the Poverty Alleviation Training to Curb Insecurity in Nigeria (PATCIN PROJECT) on September 30, 2022, at the Jucony Hotel in Nsukka, Enugu State.

The PATCIN PROJECT’s goal is to provide young entrepreneurs with a seed grant of N100,000 – N350,000 to start or expand existing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in order to contribute to Nigeria’s poverty eradication and security.

Barrister Sam Otoboeze, CPP, President of Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation, BSOF, said in his opening address during the training of 125 youths at Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, that the two Foundations are on an interventionist mission to train the youths on skills and capacity building in order to flatten the curve of insecurity in our environments.

While speaking on the theme of the program, ‘Poverty Alleviation Training to Curb Insecurity in Nigeria,’ PATCIN, Barrister Otoboeze, encouraged the youths to avoid drug misuse and crime and instead commit themselves to productive endeavors to ensure a safe future for themselves.

He also informed the attendees that 90 percent of PATCIN Project beneficiaries in 2021 are already employers of labor, and that the Foundations’ team of specialists would review the business plans submitted by this year’s participants to credibly pick those who would warrant the funding.

“…the growth of the youth population in the country is on a geometrical progression, while the growth of opportunities for employment is on an arithmetical regression rate viz a viz the flattening capacity of the security agencies to contain incidents of crime in Nigeria. In any case, brutal force will never provide the ultimate solution to restore the country to a safe and secure country.

What will solve the problem is to engage the youths in a more productive manner and increase the economic fortune of the country,” Barrister Sam Otoboeze also said.

Expert facilitators from the Nigerian Police Force, the Department of State Services (DSS), the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) trained and tested the participants.

The Seed grants will be awarded to successful participants at the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation’s (BSOF) year-end event on December 28, 2022.





During holy week, we set out to touch lives across Nigeria in commemoration of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ’s death and Resurrection.

Easter is the fulfillment of the messiah’s prophecy of being persecuted, death for our sins and resurrection on the third day.

Remembering Jesus’ Resurrection is a great way to renew our daily hope that we have won the Battle against sin – as a result the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation (BSOF) teams in Lagos, Enugu and FCT Abuja engaged in outreach programs to give to the less privileged.

In Lagos, the BSOF team visited Mary who is an orphan. We had previously been contacted by Mary who informed us that things had not been easy for her and that she will be grateful if we could assist her by providing her with us sewing machine so that she could earn a living  with her sewing skills.

We were moved by her story and embarked on a fact-finding mission to confirm that it was true. To God be the Glory, we surprised her with a brand new sewing machine, which she was thrilled to receive.

In her message of gratitude, she said, ‘I can’t believe such a gift can come from people I’ve never met.’

In Enugu, we provided artificial limbs to 7 amputees to help them move around freely. The amputees were transported to River State where measurements were taken to ensure that they receive the correct size that would fit them perfectly. The amputees were grateful to the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation (BSOF) for taking the time to consider their plight and decide to make a difference in their lives.

They were in joyous mood when they said that the artificial limbs to make mobility is here for them we settled

We carried out the widows empowerment program at St. Anthony Catholic Church in Gbessa, Abuja. We provided relief items such as food and clothing to the widows in order to make their lives easier.

They were so touched by the kindness that they prayed to God to bless and remember us as we thought of them.

As we continue to celebrate Easter, may this season be a blessing to you and your family. Amen.

In 2021, the Ochima foundation, in collaboration with the Barrister Sam Otoboeze foundation (BSOF), empowered Nigerian youth entrepreneurs with seed grants ranging from 100,000 to 350,000 Naira to start or expand their existing small and medium enterprises through the Poverty alleviation training to Curb insecurity in Nigeria (PATCIN Project).

We began this Project with the intention of doing our part to alleviate poverty and curb insecurity in the country.

The Beneficiaries were chosen on merit after attending lectures and writing tests on subjects such as Social Vices & Insecurity in Nigeria, Drug abuse and its implications, The role of skill acquisition in curbing insecurity in Nigeria, business mindset & the role of women in curbing insecurity in Nigeria.

Because it is mandatory that we keep a close eye on the beneficiaries of the seed grants to ensure that it was put to good use, the monitoring and evaluation (M & E) team of the Barrister Sam Otoboeze foundation embarked on a Monitoring and Evaluation exercise to assess the extent to which the PATCIN Project met or did not meet its objectives.

Day 1.

Our first stop was in Azuba Bashayi, Nasarrawa State, to see Katsa Elijah Phillip, an ICT consultant and CEO of D’rising Sun Foundation from Nasarawa State.

Katsa finished third in the PATCIN Project training program and received a seed grant of 250,000 Naira.

According to Katsa Philip, he got into the ICT business because he saw an opportunity to share his ICT knowledge with others, particularly the youths in his community, while also earning a living.

So far, he has trained over 20 students – 15 of whom are students of Nasarrawa State University, Keffi – in computer skills, graphic design, and ICT/Cafe business management.

Katsa stated that he has received a lot of support and patronage from his community, and that he had to give a day off to some of his students because of our impending Monitoring & Evaluation visit.

He was grateful to the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation for the seed grant, which enabled him to purchase printers to increase productivity in his business.

Our next stop on our Monitoring and Evaluation exercise trip was Lafia, Nasarawa state, to see Janet Akolo, a rice farmer and CEO, Janny Rice Mill from Nasarawa State.

Janet came in sixth place in the PATCIN Project training program and was awarded a seed grant of 100,000 Naira.

Janet walked us through the rice milling process. When the M & E team arrived, the winnowing process, which involves removing chaff from the rice grain, had already been completed.

According to Janet, after the winnowing process, the rice is washed and transferred to a drum filled with water for steaming (parboiling).

She explained that it is a lengthy process that includes re-washing the rice on the second day, steaming it a second time before sun drying it, and finally taking it to the mill for the final stages of processing.

She stated that she learned about the PATCIN Project from a friend, and she expressed her gratitude to the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation and the Ochima Foundation for supporting her business and allowing her to empower other youths in her community through her rice milling business.

Day 2

After our visit to Nasarawa state, we traveled to Lugbe, Abuja, on day two of our monitoring and evaluation exercise to meet Tise Bernard Gondina, a fashion designer and CEO of Notti couture from Plateau state.

Bernard came in first place in the PATCIN Project training program and received a seed grant of 350,000 Naira.

Bernard was in a good mood as he demonstrated how the seed grant had benefited him greatly.

He told us that the seed grant allowed him to purchase branded bags and labels for his company.

He also stated that he can now travel interstate to Aba, Abia state, to purchase raw materials for his business.

He thanked the Ochima Foundation and the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation for the opportunity to be a beneficiary.

Day 3.

We paid a visit to Chinaecherem Ellyn Onyeforo, at Nurses Estate, Karu, Abuja, on the third day of our monitoring and evaluation exercise.

Chinaecherem Ellyn Onyeforo, a fashion designer and CEO of Blossom by Ellyn, is an Abia state indegene who came in second place in the PATCIN Project training program and received a seed grant of 300,000 Naira.

She stated that fashion design is something she is passionate about, and she has a lot to offer in terms of originality.

Essentially, she has carved a niche for herself by designing only female clothing, but she is open to expanding her brand to include the design of male clothing.

Ellyn stated that a lack of financial resources was a barrier to her starting a fashion design business after completing her NYSC.

She was able to acquire a brand new industrial sewing machine, a manual sewing machine, a mannequin, and a set of chairs thanks to the intervention of the Ochima foundation in collaboration with the Barrister Otoboeze foundation through the PATCIN Project.

She also mentioned that she has an apprentice whom she is currently coaching, and that she is open to collaborating with the Barrister Sam Otoboeze foundation in terms of skill acquisition training for those interested in pursuing a career in fashion design.

She lauded the PATCIN Project initiative and thanked the Ochima and Barrister Sam Otoboeze foundations.

The Barr. Sam Otoboeze Foundation (BSOF) held her 12th annual event on December 22nd and 23rd, 2021, in collaboration with the Ochima Foundation, with the theme: POVERTY REDUCTION CAMPAIGN (PRC) FOR WOMEN AND YOUTHS, THROUGH SKILLS TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT.

The theme was based on the fact that women and youth have the potential to boost economic growth and reduce poverty if they have access to education, employment, health care, and family planning services.

The Enugu State Governor, His Excellency RT. Hon Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, and a slew of dignitaries attended the event, including former Minister of Power and Steel, Prof Bart O. Nnaji, Col. Abdulrahaman Dambazau, and former Governor of Old Enugu State, His Excellency Okwesilieze Nwodo (who was the Chairman and Speaker during the Day 1 Public Lecture and Quiz event).

DAY 1 EVENT: PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES – Poverty Reduction Campaign (PRC) for Women and Youths, Through Skills Training and Development.

The BSOF’s main event is preceded by the Public lecture series. The 2021 public lecture series’ goal was to educate attendees on the topic POVERTY REDUCTION CAMPAIGN (PRC) FOR WOMEN AND YOUTHS THROUGH SKILLS TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT.

H.E. Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo (former Governor of Enugu State), Rev. Sr. Prof Mary Basil Nwoke, Roseline Chinwe Onah, HRH Igwe Anikwe I. Uchenna, and Amb. Efe Ekure, represented by Amb. Isreal Joe, delivered the lectures.

Following the lectures, the annual BSOF quiz competition, which is held to select recipients of the BSOF Scholarship from Public Secondary Schools, was held.
Three secondary schools competed, and instead of being represented by two students per school as is customary, one of the schools was represented by a single student, who surprisingly won the 2021 quiz competition.

The medical team of the BSOF also provided free medical consultation and diagnostic services. Residents of the community and event attendees who were tested by the BSOF medical team were also given free medications.

Evening Event: BISHOPS NIGHT-
We had over 5 priests from the Anglican and Catholic churches in attendance at the Bishops Night, including Most Rev. Aloysius Agbo (Bishop of the Anglican Bishop of Nsukka), Most Rev. Prof. Godfery Igwebuike Onnah, and Most Rev. Dr. Peter Okpaleke. It was a night of praise and exaltation of God’s word.

At the end, attendees were treated to an exhilarating performance by Enugu’s Otoboeze Cultural troop.


This is the grand-finale, which is attended by the society’s crème de la crème from all over Nigeria.

The Governor of Enugu State, RT. Hon Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the former Minister of Power, Prof. Bart Nnaji, Col. Abdulrahaman Dambazau, and several other dignitaries, including Royal Fathers and gentlemen and ladies of the press, attended the 2021 event.

At the event, awards were given to students from the Community Primary School in Ochima, Enugu State, who placed first through third.

The winner of the quiz competition was also given a scholarship and stationery.

Seed grants ranging from N100,000 to N350,000 were also given to the first through sixth place winners of the POVERTY ALLEVIATION TRAINING TO CURB INSECURITY IN NIGERIA (PATCIN PROJECT), which took place on November 3rd at the 1st Forty hotel in Wuse 2, Abuja.

The award for best branch of the year went to the BSOF, Abuja Branch.

A prize was also given to the best teacher of the year.

The otoboeze cultural troop of Enugu also performed at the ceremony.

On November 3rd, 2021, the Ochima Foundation, in collaboration with the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation (BSOF), held the first edition of the Poverty Alleviation Training to Curb Insecurity in Nigeria (PATCIN PROJECT) at the 1st Forty hotel, Wuse 2, Abuja.

The PATCIN PROJECT’s goal is to provide young entrepreneurs with a seed grant of N200,000 – N500,000 to start or expand existing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in order to contribute to the eradication of poverty and the reduction of insecurity in Nigeria.

The event drew a large number of prospective beneficiaries, industry leaders, key note speakers, facilitators (from the Ministry of Women Affairs, the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), ABOKUS Integrated Security Ltd, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), and Treasure Mind Academy), and government officials who gave lectures and word charges to encourage the program participants.

The Chairman of the occasion, Charles Achodo (Int’l consultant on security, peace & development), praised the project’s initiative and challenged the participants to go above and beyond to be better versions of themselves.

During the event, the President of the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation, BSOF, gave a rousing welcome address.

He stated that Nigeria cannot win the war against insecurity by using brute force, but rather by implementing poverty alleviation programs that will help reduce insecurity in the country.

He stated that if youths are not properly trained and do not have a conducive business environment, many will take up arms in retaliation to the government for not having gainfully employed jobs.

He said: “There is overdependence on State actors to handle security issues. But as we can see on daily basis there is that multiplication of various security challenges, so it is right to say that security problems are increasing geometrically.

“This is rooted basically on hunger, unemployment, scarce means of sustenance of life, and in that kind of situation you can talk to somebody who is not hungry and he will listen to you but when hunger comes, he will not listen until that is settled, he may not hear.

“We are convinced that most of the people languishing in the cells of prison yards were not born to be criminals, so what do we do?

Looking at the population growth and the dwindling resources to sustain the population and looking at the increase in crime, it is high time that something else is done.”

In a similar vein, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Strategic Communications, Ogechukwu Modie, urged the federal government to assist youths in engaging in entrepreneurial activities.

She said, “I think it is important that we support our youths, 70 percent of the population are youths. This initiative will teach them on engaging in self-employment so that they can actually start to employ other people and be employers of labour.

“My message to the youths is that youths are no longer the future, they are actually today and they are tomorrow. What I would say is they should seize every opportunity to learn, build and win anything they have put their hands to do.

“This initiative will teach them on engaging self-employment, so that they can actually start to employ other people and be employers of labour.”

In addition to all that was stated, Erica Okibe, the Organizational Manager for BSOF, stated “We hope to achieve a lot, first and foremost, when you look at the security situation in Nigeria, it is a major issue and it is everybody’s problem. We realize that insecurity has taken a toll on the government, on our living and existence.

“This training is organized to help solve certain security abnormalities. We are training the youths and empowering them with skills that will help curb insecurity in Nigeria.”

Prospective beneficiaries of the PATCIN PROJECT were evaluated (a selection criterion for receiving the seed grant) based on lectures they received on the day on topics ranging from Drug Abuse and Its Implications, The Role of Women In Reducing Insecurity In Nigeria, Social Vices And Insecurity In Nigeria, The Role of Skill Acquisition In Reducing Insecurity In Nigeria, And Business Mindset.

Seed grants will be distributed to successful participants at the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation’s (BSOF) end-of-year event on December 23, 2021.
See you there. *Smile*


Health they say is wealth, but when healthcare cannot be afforded, the medical-related threat to life increases. Several low-income earners, especially in the rural communities in Nigeria face a huge challenge in gaining access to proper healthcare services due to the paucity of funds to pay up their bills.
Dr.Obelu and BSOF President at the Post Natal ward of the hospital


BSOF President on courtesy visit to the hospital of the 1st Medical Doctor produced by the Foundation,  Dr. ObisikeObelu, on 11Apr.2021, at Ikpogwu- Ukehe, Igboetiti LGA, Enugu State


BSOF President, Barr. Sam. Otoboeze, on ward-round with Dr. Obisike Obelu during his visit to the latter’s hospital.


Malaria has remained one of the most deadly diseases in Nigeria, especially against children and the elderly. It is mostly by parasites that are transmitted to people through the bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes. Even though it is preventable and curable, yet it kills a lot of people in Nigeria and all over the world, daily.

In 2019, there were an estimated 229 million cases of malaria worldwide.
The estimated number of malaria deaths stood at 409 000 in 2019.

World Malaria Day is an event created to mark the activities for advocacy against malaria and measures to be taken to prevent malaria. . The theme for this year’s World Malaria Day 2021, is ‘Reaching zero malaria target’ and in line with that, Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation BSOF, with other supporting partners FYODOR, Leader Joe 1808 Foundation and 360 CAL Initiative engaged in a road-show for public sensitization and visit the IDP Camp, Durunmi Abuja, where the organization donated500 Urine Malaria Test kits to the various beneficiaries. During the event the President of Barr. Sam Otoboeze Foundation (BSOF), Sam Otoboeze said the gesture was aimed at eradicating malaria and reducing the high death rates caused by malaria particularly in crowded locations such as the IDP camps and the country.

‘We have a lot of concern on health, if we can kick out malaria, we will have significantly reduced the causes of deaths”, he said.  The President further explained that the gesture would enable the less privileged in the camp, who are unable to access hospitals to have a  malaria test easily done by themselves without drawing blood or visiting a laboratory, which implies that with a positive test affirmation, the patient could be a step closer to getting medical treatment.

Also, Chairman and CEO of Fyodor Biotechnologies, Dr. Eddy Agbo, said the urine malaria test kits were effective and did not require a blood sample, reagent, or equipment for diagnosis.  Similarly, Mr. Joseph Onus, Founder, Leader Joe 1808 Foundation, stressed the need for all stakeholders to support government efforts at eradicating malaria in the country. In addition, Mr. Ikponwomsa Success, Executive Director, 360 Childhood and Adult Learning Initiative (380 CAL –Initiative) said the gesture would improve the health status of the people. He stressed the need for a clean environment, clearing of bushes, regular fumigation exercise, and availability of anti-malaria drugs, to reduce the prevalence of disease in the country.

Mallam Isa Umar, Officer in charge of the Maternal and Child Health Clinic in the camp, expressed appreciation to the organizations for their support, which he said would reduce the cost of seeking malaria diagnosis for the IDPs.

The President of the Foundation, Barr. Sam Otoboezewith supporting partner the M.D of Fyodor, M.D CAL Initiative, Business Development Executive Fyodor, Organizational Manager BSOF, and Programs Director Leader Joe 1808 Foundation


The President, Partners’ Volunteers and the IDP Coordinator during the Urine malaria UMT kits donation


The Organizational Manager with other members from the Barr. Sam Otoboeze Foundation (BSOF) at the WMD event


BSOF President, supporting partner, the organizational manager and participants


President of BSOF, Barr. Sam Otoboeze, donating the Urine Malaria Test kits to the Coordination Mallam Abubakar Aminu Head of the IDP, Durunmi Abuja


Participants and stakeholders at the Durumi IDP camp during the WMD event


 President of BSOF and a Partner for the NGO LeaderJoe 1808 Foundation during the sensitization lecture


African youth community (AYC) 2021
On Friday, 17th September 2021, The African Youth Community (A.Y.C), welcomed over 100 guests to the YOUNG AFRICA LEADERS CONFERENCE at the Nigerian Air Force Conference Centre, FCT Abuja, where the President of the Barrister Otoboeze Foundation (BSOF), Barrister Sam Otoboeze (ESQ, CPP, FOSHA), was presented with a gold award in recognition of his good works in youth development, poverty alleviation, and advocacy for national unity and Security. In addition to the gold award, a “made in Nigeria” bag of African Diamond Parboiled rice from the African Youth Community (A.Y.C)farm, was presented to the president as a show of appreciation for his good works.
President of the Barrister Otoboeze Foundation (BSOF), Barrister Sam Otoboeze (ESQ, CPP, FOSHA) receiving his gold award

The award was presented by the representative of the Chief of Air Staff, Air Commodore I. V. Ajiboye, who was also a recipient of one of the gold awards. Upon receiving the award, Barrister Sam Otoboeze, gave an inspirational and moving address.
Barrister Sam Otoboeze (ESQ, CPP, FOSHA) receiving a bag of African Diamond Parboiled rice from the African Youth Community (A.Y.C) farm


He thanked the organizers of the African youth conference for recognizing his work and choosing him as an awardee for the prestigious gold award. His message to the youths was to aim to remain resilient and determined, and to try to remain cheerful in the face of adversity.
Dr. Agbo, one of BSOF’s Scholarship beneficiaries graduated with flying colours from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery from  the renowned University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Upon graduation, this medical Doctor also released a beautiful Gospel music, in a well-organized dinner event attended by the BSOF President and a host of other dignitaries

Dr, Sam Agbo is amongst one of the Scholarship Awardees by the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation. He is currently a Co-Implementer of the free  Medical Outreach organized annually by BSOF.

Dr. Agbo S.C. during his Oath taking/ Induction into the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria  and
signing the document of Hippocratic Oath.
A picture with  his Parents, Chief and Mrs. Paul Agbo at his induction at UNTH, Ituku Ozalla, Enugu


The president BSOF, Barr. Sam  Otoboeze, congratulating Dr. Sam Agbo during the event and making some remarks at the event.
A picture also with the Director Special Duties Hon. Emeka Abugu.


Dr. Sam performing one of his songs at the event and an exciting audience listening with great pleasure.



Award of Excellence: First prize position for little Miss Angel Mmesoma Otoboeze
Miss Angel Mmesoma Otoboeze with her mom, friend, classmates, and teachers of Our Lady of Mercy Nursery/Primary School, Iva valley, Enugu, as she receives her prize and certificate honours for first prize position, best debater, and the best graduating student.


Wedding Ceremony of Mr. Ifeanyi Anselem and Mrs. Juliet Eze

Mr. Ifeanyi Anselem and his beautiful wife had a wedding solemnization on 2nd January 2021. It was a colourful and memorable event with lots to eat and drink.


The wedding ceremony of Mr. John Chukwuma Ogwu and Anike Ukamaka Mercy

Mr. John Chukwuma Ogwu  and his beautiful wife tied the knot in a glamourous wedding ceremony in the city of Enugu on the 31st July, 2021

It was attended by members of the BSOF,  Port Harcourt Branch

Wedding pictures, BSOF Port Harcourt members, National Coordinator, and Financial Director presented the newlyweds with a gift.

The Director of Finance, Mrs. Mercy Odumije, traveled from Port Harcourt to Enugu and during her journey, she got caught up in a situation that involved a young man, who was very ill and was reported to have just returned home and started taking off his clothes as though he had gone mad. The family watched him in confusion and fear because that was how his father died years ago and to see something that awkward repeat itself in this young man’s life was scary. The family and neighbors of this man had neither finances nor clue on how to save the young man’s life but were rather crying feeling all hope had been lost.

Mrs. Odumije on seeing the situation immediately took this young man to the hospital of the first medical Doctor trained by the Foundation, Barr. Sam Otoboeze Foundation (BSOF), Dr. Obisike immediately ran series of tests on the patient and found out he had Typhoid fever, Cerebral Malaria, and High Blood Pressure he was treated and currently doing very well.

BSOF Port Harcourt branch handled the bills and ensured the young man was given post-recovery attention.

Upcoming Events

November 3, 2021



December 22 – 23





On behalf of the members and Board of Trustees of BSOF, I wish to heartily the distinguished Chairman ofthis occasion, Sir (Dr) Mike Mbama Okiro CFR,NPM,mni, KSJ, IGP (Rtd) and the Ohamadike of Ibagwa Nike Kingdom. It is also my great pleasure to specially welcome the Chief Special Guest of Honour, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Gburugburu), the Executive Governor of Enugu State; Chief (Hon)Nnia Nwodo, Ike Ukehe and the President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo; and all other distinguished guests, especially the Royal Father of the Day, HRH Hyacinth Chiwerete Ugwuogbuke and other Royal Fathers here present, the servants of God, the Honourables, great Captains of industries and other institutions, and all the gentle ladies and men, who left other very important engagements to attend this 11th edition of BSOF Annual Scholarships Award and Poverty Alleviation program, with the theme: Empowering the Youth and Less Privileged to Shape Nigeria Future.

For sustained impact and change of paradigm, to secure the society, BSOF will continue to focus and seek partnership with organizations and individuals in the following areas:

  • Build a fit-for-purpose hostel for the People of Strength to enable them participate in the Skills Acquisition training at the Centre, as part of BSOF 360 programs for People Living with Disabilities.
  • Build hostel for the trainees to accommodate those coming from other communities and states
  • Build staff quarters for the Trainers and management staff
  • Build a modern conference hall for BSOF Annual Lectures and other activities, which are currently being carried out under canopies
  • Extend the Skills Acquisition Training and other programs to other rural communities in Nigeria
  • Continue to provide special rewards to diligent and dedicated teachers, and merit-based scholarships to public primary and secondary schools in the country
  • Continue to hunt for and develop special talents from the rural areas in the believe that an opportunity for one rural youth could transform the entire community and change the history of the family
  • And of course, to continue with our artificial limbs donation project, training of the youths and people of Strength in managing small scale businesses and monitoring/supervising the businesses of the recipients of the BSOF Start-up Capitals, among several other interventions to positively engage the minds of the vulnerable youths, women and other rural dwellers
To achieve these, we need your kind support in any way you prefer to partner with us to add value to the lives of the less privileged ones among us.
We will continue to count on you as we explore further opportunities to reposition the Foundation for the extension of its rural-based community activities and projects to other rural communities in Nigeria and beyond.
Barr. Sam. Chigozie Otoboeze, CPP, COHSM, FOSA-UK


Healthcare is a vital factor for the wellbeing of any given society. It is an essential component of a life of dignity. People languishing under diseases and illnesses can rarely hope for a high quality of life, and as we know, millions still suffer from largely preventable health issues.
Among major grassroots in Nigeria, several people suffer from poor healthcare, access to quality health centres and sensitization on several matters regarding their wellbeing and health. About 70% of Nigerians live in rural communities with little or no access to basic healthcare services. This population is mostly women and children, resulting in high maternal and infant mortality rates. Many communities in Nigeria travel long distances to access healthcare as most of the Primary Healthcare systems are no longer functioning. To address this, Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation, BSOF launched out its project on Free Medical Outreach for two days on the 18th and 19th of December, 2020. BSOF provided free basic healthcare services to a population of 578 people (men, women and the youths). The Medical outreach main focus was on men, women and children. Annually, about 25% of our relief materials and development projects have a significant health care component for the youths, women and children. You can find more information on our health care project, by following our website www.bsofoundation.org  and on all our social media platforms.
We have projects that deal on treatment or primary care, preventative measure, advocacy projects and so on.
BSOF strives to provide a healthy environment through community projects and outreaches, health promotions/ advocacy programmes for all the community/grass-root dwellers. On mental health promotion:

  • Caring for oneself and others
  • Making healthy decisions and taking control of one’s life circumstance
  • Creating conditions that are conducive to health through policies, services, physical/social conditions
  • Building capacities for peace, shelter, education, food a stable income and sustainable development.

Healthcare and preventive services were provided in Ochima community for the individuals in and around the community to maintain their health and wellbeing. To assist in this purpose, make-shift health clinics provided several services aimed at educating the public on safety tips on prevention against COVID-19 and their personal health. Free consultations and drugs were administered to sick patients.

Picture 1.1 showing Dr. Obisike in the treatment area awaiting the patients to be attended to for the free medical outreach organized by BSOF. Dr. ObisikeObelu is the first Medical Doctor trained by BSOF. He devotes his time periodically to give back to the society by leading BSOF free Medical Outreach programs.
Fig 1.2     Patients queuing to be attended to by the team of medical experts led by Dr. Obisike.
The People of Strength (PoS) otherwise also referred to as People with Disabilities (PwDs) are among Nigeria’s most vulnerable community, who have enormous energy and strength but lacks the to opportunities and support to use their strength for their wellbeing, hence most of them survive through street begging for alms. The PoS generally have less access than others to education, health services, and sustainable livelihoods. About 74% of children with disabilities in Nigeria lack access to education, while 90% of grown adults of  working age persons with disabilities are unemployed
With Covid-19 pandemic widely spreading and shrinking businesses and creating harsher economic situation in Nigeria, the problems of the People of Strength have become aggravated. The business of street begging is no longer exclusively for the physically challenged. Unfortunately, while the number of street beggars in Nigeria is increasing exponentially, the population of alms givers is inversely dropping at the same high rate.
It was in an attempt to find solution to the worsening problems of the People of Strength that BSOF channelled more resources to empower not only the PoS but youths and women, who are increasingly joining the begging community. The Skills Acquisition program of Barr Sam Otoboeze Foundation has continued to strengthen and empower people of strength by increasing their entrepreneurship development skills and economic opportunities for self-sustenance, especially in the South-South, South-East , Northern and currently in the South –West States of Nigeria. BSOF free vocational skills training in bags making, beads-making, soap making, computer training has continued to incredibly restore hopes to the PoS, youths and women of Nigeria.

  • Conducted awareness training on the importance skill training for ….youths, PoS and women at Ochima in Igboetiti LGA of Enugu State
  • Sponsored youths, PoS and women vocational training in various skills including bag making, Tailoring and beads making, and donated food and other palliative materials to indigent rural women in Nigeria .
  • Donated Artificial limbs to over 40 persons in the North, East and South-South parts of Nigeria in the last quarter.
  • Identified and assessed the socio-economic situation of  6 PwDs and provided them with seed grants to start up their businesses
  • Enrolled 7 PwDs in vocational trainings, 5 of whom graduated and received small grants to establish businesses
  • Provided food items, safety material , face mask, hand sanitizers to over 400 PoS in Karmajiji community in the FCT
  • Conducted awareness/ sensitization sessions  on safety against COVI-19 for 400  PwDs  (196 males and 204 females.
Fig   1.3  Donation of food items to PoS from the North
Fig 1.4  A cross section of the Northern Nigeria beneficiaries from the BSOF End-of Year Artificial limbs support program before receiving the artificial limbs.
Fig. 1.5 A cross section of some Northern Nigeria beneficiaries from the BSOF End-of Year Artificial limbs support program after receiving the artificial limbs
1.6  A cross-section of People of Strength from Enugu State getting ready to receive artificial limbs donation during the Dec. 2020 annual event of BSOF at Ochima.


Considering the importance of education, especially as a way to improve living conditions of indigent families, BSOF provides various support to Nigerian students in local community schools. These include scholarship to specially gifted students, annual sports competitions, annual quiz competitions, donation of educational materials, among others.
As part of the 2020 annual event of the Foundation, Quiz competition was organized for ten(10) randomly selected public secondary schools located in the rural area of Igbo-etiti Local Government of Enugu State. The competition was used as a tool to select the next batch of scholarship awardees for 2021. At the end, BSOF offered scholarship to 6 best performing students, who lacked adequate school materials and found it difficult to pay their school fees. With these donations and the scholarships the beneficiaries are sure to complete their college education without any hindrance. Their performances in the school will certainly improve, while those who did not do well will draw inspiration from them. It also creates an opportunity for great and brighter future for them.

1.8 A cross-section of Secondary school scholarship awardees with materials donated to their schools by BSOF.
Fig 1.9 Students who represented ten (10)public Secondary Schools during the 2020 BSOF Quiz Competition at Ochima, Igboetiti LGA Enugu State.
There are several communities in Nigeria including Ochima with high illiteracy and school drop-out rate. This is due to many types of challenges being faced by several families due to their bad living conditions. Most of the community members make their living through farming and selling of some sort of vegetables, which they grow by themselves. This kind of economic activity gives them a very low income for their daily living. Parents are neither able to afford adequate school materials, nor pay their wards school fees.
BSOF’s Solution
By providing the educational materials to these Public Schools poor students, BSOF will improve their opportunities in life and develop their study smoothly. Also, they will gain more confidence to attend school and start to enjoy learning. This project also helps and motivates students to attend school more regularly and step by step the high illiteracy and school drop-out will decrease.
Long-Term Impact
In the long run, by providing educational materials to support these Public Schools in Igbo-etiti Local Government Area of Enugu State, the over 10000 indigent students will have better access to quality education which in turn increases their opportunity for a higher level of education in their life. The high illiteracy and dropping out of school rate will decrease and their community can develop by having educated citizens. In this way, BSOF does not only make a difference for the individual families; more promising and brighter future is being created for the various rural communities in Nigeria
When the Foundation, took up the sponsoring of one young and highly brilliant child of a peasant farmer from a neighbouring community of Ukehe in Igbo-Etiti LGA, to study Medicine at the UNN few years back, it was never hoped by the parents that one day the boy would own one of the biggest medical centres in the Local Government.
Today, the story of both his family and community has changed!
Fig 1.10 A cross-section of students from different public secondary schools in Igbo-Etiti LGA present at the BSOF 2020 Quiz Competition.


A major aspect of the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation (BSOF) developments projects is in Skills Acquisition and advocacy towards acquiring vocational skills particularly amongst the youths, women and men.
In this regard, the last year’s BSOF Annual event was themed, “Empowering the youths & Less privileged to shape Nigeria’s future”. Two prolific and renowned speakers of whom one Prof. Patrick Ngwu is currently a lecturer at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), while the other facilitator was Dr.Okon Etim Okon, also a Snr Lecturer at the UNN
In attendance at the lecture, were a total of88 students from 10selected public secondary schools in Igbo-Etiti LGA,(17 women and men from different communities in Igbo-Etiti LGA. The public lecture was held at the nick of time, as there is a dire need for people to learn various entrepreneurship skills to support themselves especially in these times of huge economic challenges and serious unemployment and under-employment in the Country.
The facilitator reiterated the relevance of youths acquiring vocational skills to prepare them for the challenges of high unemployment and over dependence on government or white collar jobs. The training session was quite interactive and gave room for questions from the participants.

Fig 2.0  Barr Sam Otoboeze (left) Prof. Pat Ngwu (middle) a female guest (right)during the public lecture on the importance of skill training to the youths.
Fig 2.1 Mrs Mercy Odu ( Financial Director  BSOF, left), Barr. Sam Otoboeze (the President) second left) Dr. Okon Etim Okon (Lecturer at UNN) and the Quiz Panelist (right)
Fig  2.2  A cross- section of students and community members in attendance at the public lecture on Skills training programme.
“Not what we give, but what we share, for the gift without the giver is bare” Anonymous
Barrister Sam Otoboeze prides itself with the fact that her several grass root projects touch lives and gives hope to the hopeless, as was the story of Mrs. Mary Ugwuanyi from Umuagama, Essodo Ward Two, Igboeze North LGA . She is one of our recent beneficiaries of the artificial limbs donation in December, 2020. While the Director Special Duties (Hon. Emeka Abugu) was making transport arrangements for the already pre-selected people of strength who were meant to leave Enugu for Port Harcourt that fateful day for the Artificial limbs donations project in Port Harcourt where their limbs were to be produced and presented. Mrs. Mary Ugwuanyi came to the park to beg for alms and went on her normal business of begging for alms when she encountered the Director Special Duties and Projects as potential client whom to get pennies from for the day, but luck shone her way and he offered her more than just the pennies but artificial limbs, she could use to walk freely rather than the crutches she came begging with. She was put in the vehicle and transported to Port Harcourt with the other beneficiaries, where arrangements for their short stay accommodation, feeding had all been arranged by the BSOF Team.
During the BSOF Annual event on the 19th December, Mrs. Mary Ugwuanyi was moved to tears as she received the artificial limbs donation from the President of the Foundation.
Fig  2.3    Beneficiary: Mrs. Mary Ugwuanyi from Umuagama, Essodo Ward Two, Igboeze North LGA.



You can help us reach so many more people; all it takes is your donations.


F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
F O L L O W on T W I T T E R F O L L O W on T W I T T E R
F O L L O W on I N S T A G R A M F O L L O W on I N S T A G R A M
                            Barr. Sam. Otoboeze CPP.

This maiden edition of  the BSOF Quarterly Newsletter is another important landmark  of the Foundation since it’s formal  birth more than 10 years ago. The Foundation which started as a pet Charity project to mark my graduation in 1989, has gradually metamorphosed into a major Non- Governmental Organization in Nigeria, with very remarkable presence and testimonial projects spread across the country.

The secret  behind the success of BSOF  has remained the ability to live out its mission of Giving hope to the hopeless and its mantra; Sam. O Foundation…where,here,there and everywhere! BSOF has been truly there and everywhere in the education of indigent pupils and students across the country; sheltering the widows and aged, providing artificial limbs to amputees, providing skill training for the youths, and palliatives to the under-privileged across the states of Nigeria.

All these would not have been possible without the active support  of the Board of Trustees, Management and members of the Foundations in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Enugu branches.

I wish you happy reading and will appreciate your comments and further contributions.

Barr. Sam. Otoboeze, CPP. 


The Board of Trustees are highly respected and trusted personalities who have supported the foundation morally in realizing its dreams and this has

revolutionized the foundation to its present credible level.

1. Mrs. Uchenna Otoboeze                        4.Barr.G.O Okafor OON, SAN     
(BSOF Vice President)                                                      (Member)
2. Rev Father Eva C. Nnaneme                        5.HRH Igwe Christian Eze 
                 (Member)                                                                  (Member)
3. Prof. Ngozi Ada Ejionueme                 6. Prof. Isife  ( UniPort)

(Member)                                                                  (Member)

A time for hope
Giving hope to the hopeless

In the last several months, the world has seen a progressive rise in public health emergencies, leading to an increased need for humanitarian aid and relief. A lot of people have been through several difficult situations all over the world.
Nigeria not being left out has also suffered from the scourge of food crises caused by poverty.
Have you ever imagined a time when everyone can meet their needs without having to be financially challenged or dependent on anyone dependent on anyone, BSOF finds fulfillment in giving hope to the hopeless.

Project Hope: Palliative distribution

programme to the less privileged to cushion the effects of Covid-19

Palliative distribution at a physically challenged community, Karmajiji in Abuja FCT.

“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear.
If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today. We must accept finite disappointment, but never loose finite hope”
-Martin Luther King Jr.
Project Hope palliative care provided relief materials to over 1000 daily income earners in the poorest communities across several states in Nigeria: FCT, Enugu, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, and Lagos.

a) In Port Harcourt, on the 15th of April, BSOF members generously donated large relief materials to a group of widows, aged people and provided scholarship to a particular young boy whose family had just suffered a tragedy after the
bread- winner the mother a (plantain seller) was brutally murdered by unknown people in the farm, while she had gone to get plantain for her business.
 She died leaving behind a critically sick and disabled husband and her
four children. Moved to compassion by their story, the BSOF President
immediately offered the first son full scholarship to continue his education.
b) On the 1st of May 2020 in a remote community in Abuja called Karmajiji, deep in the community a settlement of people living with disabilities (PLWD) were visited. BSOF teams carried out distribution of the palliatives to the disabled
 c) A similar event was conducted in Ibadan and Lagos States respectively where a cross-section of over 400 women, men and some youths received palliatives to help alleviate their sufferings.

d) Enugu state carried out a palliative outreach to an  orphanage as well. Food items and other relief materials were distributed to over 300 children. They were also sensitized on the need to maintain personal hygiene guidelines as proper hand washing techniques were thought in a bid to curb the spread and infection of COVID-19.

2019: Annual BSOF Event-
IYEP Beneficiaries

Over the years for the last decade, the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation has

held an annual event where thousands of people from all over the country gather to celebrate and at the same time, extend their benevolence and goodwill

by impacting the lives of people living in Ochima community as well as it’s surrounding communities.
BSOF is an organization that is in direct response to the growing number of rural youths and the disabled that has lost hope in the system or themselves.
Inclusive Youth and Entrepreneurship Programme (IYEP) was targeted towards eradicating extreme poverty, especially in the rural communities by

reducing poverty among men and women in the rural communities.

After an extremely rigorous selection process three finalists emerged as winners/ beneficiaries of the programme.

Lets meet our beneficiaries:

Ifymoto is an agro- based processing company focused on solving the problems of perishables food glut, post-harvest losses, food wastage, unemployment and poverty by increasing the shelf-life of perishable food commodities in order to achieve food security while making room for farmers to increase their productivity/incomes and creating opportunities for job creation. This beneficiary won the first prize of N500,000

AGRIMAX is committed to provide unquestionable, adaptable and cost-efficient alternative sources of animal protein for meal and feed to keep a sustainable framework, we breed high quality insects in dependable yields.
This beneficiary won N300,000

  1. Magg meal
  2. Magg Oil
  3. Magg humus

Agriwaves TV (ATV) is a digital television that provides information on innovations and opportunities in the food and agriculture industry. 
ATV connects farmers, value chain actors and the public.
ATV is available online as a YouTube channel, mobile app and website. He won N100,000


Dear Sir,
I want to sincerely express my gratitude to BSOF for deeming it fit to present me an award. I make no light of it. It is a pleasure and indeed an honour to hear once again from the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation.
So far, I have added two more product lines to my production portfolio; namely

  • Processed chilli pepper and
  • BSF larvae (an alternative protein solution for livestock farmers) in addition to my processed habanero pepper.

I have also employed over six direct and indirect staff in the last six months. In addition, recently I distributed free facemasks to mitigate and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.
Also, I have been nominated among the top 25 innovators in Africa for the Next Einstein Forum (NEF) organized by the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) who are billed to showcase their businesses at the Global Gathering of the NEF in Nairobi, Kenya later this year.
In addition, my business is currently being incubated by at the Orange Corners Nigeria (OCN) Business Incubation Program, which is being funded by the Government of Netherlands and implemented by FATE Foundation
My challenges however, are supply chain problem owing to COVID-19 pandemic but I’m well positioned to reinvent myself, and business Post- COVID.
IfeanyiChukwurah, BSOFBeneficiary for IYEP 2019.

Mrs Uchenna Otoboeze ( VP BSOF)


In this second edition of the BSOF Newsletter, I take the special privilege to honour the women folk, whose contributions in the society and homes make them the epicenter of activities. I also use the same opportunity to pay tribute to the women in our society at this special event of the celebration of Women and Youths Skill Training Initiative Program (WYSTIP), which holds on November 1st 2020.

In BSOF we spend substantial resources and time at our disposal to carter for the women, especially the widows and the girl youths. The most challenging problem faced by widows is that of accommodation and their children’s welfare. This is why BSOF builds and donates houses to widows, annually in rural communities, and provides skill training opportunities for women, girl-youths along with boys and people of strength (persons living with disability). There is no doubt that acquiring some skills training by this category people in the society is the best way to survive the socioeconomic challenges of unemployment, hunger and deprivation during and after Covid-19 pandemic.

Our Skill Acquisition Centre at Ochima, Igboetiti LGA of Enugu State, remains open to any woman, youth and person of strength from any part of Nigeria, irrespective of tribe or religion, at no cost. We are currently starting a special training program for 50 women, girl youths, boys and persons of strength in Nigeria. I therefore invite all members within the target group to take advantage of the program to acquire life-saving skills at the BSOF Skill Acquisition Centre

Sam. O…Foundation! Sam. O…Foundation!! ….Where? Here!  There!! …And, Everywhere!!!


Design Thinking is a process for creative problem solving. It critically has a human centered core. It encourages organizations to focus on the people they are creating a product or a service for, which leads to better product, services and internal processes. It is an interative process in which we seek to understand the user, and redefine problems in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding. At the same time, Design Thinking provides a solution-based approach to solving problems. It is a way of thinking and working as well as a collection of hands-on methods.
In recent times, the efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 are taking a major toll on global economy, forcing businesses to shut down, cut jobs, reducing workers’ ability to go to work, and place an extra burden of care on parents and particularly on youths. There is therefore a huge demand and focus on youths developing certain skills or skillset to enable them remain employable or earn a living outside a normal circular job. Therefore, the need for skills acquisition and entrepreneurship development to sustain a healthy nation. Hence, design thinking is relevant in getting into the minds of the type of customers they intend to target.
Design Thinking also involves ongoing experimentation: sketching, prototyping, testing, and trying out concepts and ideas.
Humans naturally develop patterns of thinking modeled on repetitive activities and commonly accessed knowledge. These assist us in quickly applying the same actions and knowledge in similar or familiar situations, but they also have the potential to prevent us from quickly and easily accessing or developing new ways of seeing, understanding and solving problems.
The Skill Acquisition Centre which was commissioned in 2017 by the Former Deputy Senate President, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu, on behalf of the Enugu State Governor, currently produces an average of 200 bags per month and turns out an average of ten skilled producers every year. It has the capacity to train up to 3000 yearly, under the Train-the-Trainers Scheme, when fully developed.
The Covid-19 pandemic has no doubt worsened the national and global economic crisis and made things more difficult for women and youths. With the projected 39.6million job losses in Nigeria due to Covid-19, the socio-economic situation of the women and youths will certainly be aggravated, as more people, especially women and youths will become jobless and increased pressure for daily essential needs on the mothers.
Design Thinking revolves around a deep interest in developing an understanding of the people for whom we’re designing the products or services. It helps us observe and develop empathy with the target user. Design Thinking helps us in the process of questioning: questioning the problem, questioning the assumptions and questioning the implications. Design Thinking is extremely useful in tackling problems that are ill-defined or unknown, by re-framing the problem in human-centric ways, creating many ideas in brainstorming sessions, and adopting a hands-on approach in prototyping and testing.
At the Skills centre, these women and youths are taught how to design products (bags, belts and other fantastic leather works absolutely putting in mind the needs of the customers. This strategy enables BSOF Skills Acquisition Centre to turn out high quality products and at the same time empowering the youths to build their own businesses and hence, earn a healthy and worthy means of livelihood.
BSOF strategy and message to the youths and nation as a whole is to essentially equip themselves in skills education; and BSOF message to other individuals, organizations, and the government is to invest thoroughly in developing a tradition of engaging youths and mentoring them to acquire skills in addition to a formal education and if perhaps uneducated, an informal education is advised.  This will meaningfully contribute towards reducing the socioeconomic impact of Covid-19. During one of our Sponsorship/Partnership meetings with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development of Nigeria (SMEDAN) Deputy Director Baba Ibrahim said, “If all Nigerians could be like BSOF, and do as much as we are doing by reaching the hopeless, providing skills training for the women and youths inclusive of the physically challenged persons; then Nigeria would certainly be a better place”.
BSOF Skills Acquisition Training Centre -Ochima Enugu State
Variety of quality bags produced at the BSOF Skills Centre
                         CALL TO ACTION.
“Skills training for 50 rural women in Nigeria” 
Anukwu Rosemary is 29 years old and a person living with disability (PLWD). She is one out of the several beneficiaries of the free skills training program of Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation (BSOF), who was assisted with an artificial limb and a small scale business take off grant of N50,000(about $115) in November, 2019 to start up her own tailoring business. Today, Rosemary has a successful business in Delta State of Nigeria and is currently engaged to be wedded in October, this year. This is one of the several BSOF’s free skills training programs that returned 360 degrees success in touching and …giving hope to the hopeless.
At BSO Foundation, our first priority is making sure we’re able to provide widows, other women, young girls, youths and people living with disability the tools they need to learn, grow and becomeeconomicallyindependent.In this September, BSOF needs to raise $50,000 to be able to achieve our goal of training 50 Nigeria women and youths in our Covid-19 for-ever palliatives program tagged ‘women, youths skills training initiative project’ (WYSTIP).There is no doubt that acquiring some special skills training by this category people in the society is the best way to survive the socioeconomic challenges of unemployment, hunger and deprivation during and after Covid-19 pandemic. In BSOF we are determined to turn the Covid-19 pandemic challenge into a blessing for some socioeconomically disadvantaged women, girl-youths, boys and Persons Living with Disabilities in Nigeria
If we can get just 50 individuals, private organizations, NGOs to donate only $1000 each or 25 organizations to donate just $2000 each, we shall have raised enough money to permanently change the socioeconomic situation of not only 50 persons in Nigeria but another 50 dependents! Even gift cards of $100 each by only 500 persons will create the same miracle! A complimentary contribution of $10, $20 etc will also go a long way in our fundraising goal for the WYSTIP project to enable 50 women, widows, youths and persons living with disabilities in our midst to realize their hopes and aspirations. These women deserve a decent meal, and a decent job to put food on their tables. As a leader in your organization, private businesses you are an important part of our fundraising campaign. You no doubt understand the pressing need for solutions to the rising cases of hunger, insecurity, joblessness and various crimes in Nigeria. At BSOF, our efforts to solve this problem will not be enough without your very support! We’d love to invite you to team up with us to help make a difference! No amount will be too small!
Your generous donations can be done through the following GlobalGiving funding platform:
GlobalGiving is the largest global crowd funding community connecting nonprofit, donors and companies in nearly every country. Funds and donations will be raised effective 14/9 through the above link to support the training of 50 women at our Skills Acquisition centre.Thank you for being part of this great project of Giving Hope to the Hopeless at this most trying period especially among less privileged women, youths and persons living with disabilities in Nigeria. Your kind donations will certainly make the difference.
Rosemary Anukwu at her business space( BSOF Beneficiary)
Rosemary making a dress
Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation (BSOF)
The foundation whose sole aim and targets are to aid and support the poor and needy within and beyond her immediate environment, has impressively progressed on her quest in humanitarian affairs without any form of political agenda.
According to The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) promotes the full integration of persons with disabilities in societies. The CRPD specifically references the importance of international development in addressing the rights of persons with disabilities. One billion people, or 15% of the world’s population, experience some form of disability; and disability prevalence is higher in developing countries. One-fifth of the estimated global total, or between 110 million and 190 million people, experience significant disabilities.
However, the past and present contribution of Port Harcourt branch to BSOF foundation cannot be over emphasized as the branch has contributed immensely to the growth of this noble foundation from its inception and has undergone several projects involving physically challenged persons. Physically challenged persons are more likely to experience adverse socioeconomic problems due to various obvious reasons including but not limited to poor education, poverty and so on.
In 2017, fourteen (14) Persons Living with Disabilities (PLWD) were beneficiaries of artificial limbs. This was done primarily to facilitate their movement and also empower them to make honest living for themselves rather than being beggars on streets.The outcomes of the People of strength Empowerment Programme (PSEP) is to reduce the impact of stress involved and socio-economic difficulty that comes with disabilities, such as less education, poorer health outcomes, lower levels of employment, and higher poverty rates. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development clearly states that disability cannot be a reason or criteria for lack of access to development programming and the realization of human rights. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework includes seven targets, which explicitly refer to persons with disabilities, and six further targets on persons in vulnerable situations, which include persons with disabilities. The SDGs address essential development domains such as education, employment and decent work, social protection, resilience to and mitigation of disasters, sanitation, transport, and non-discrimination – all of which are important areas of work for the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation. The Foundation did not only provide artificial/prosthetic limbs to the PLWD but also during our People of Strength (PSEP) event, several beneficiaries were awarded cash donations to enable them start-up small and medium scale businesses. As COVID-19 continues to have wide-reaching impacts across the globe, it is important to note how persons with disabilities are uniquely impacted by the pandemic, including health, feeding, and transport.
In the area of health, many persons with disabilities have additional underlying health needs that make them particularly vulnerable to severe symptoms of COVID-19, If they contract it. Persons with disabilities may also be at increased risk of contracting COVID-19 because information about the disease, including the symptoms and prevention, are not provided in easily accessible formats. It was in this regard that BSO Foundation paid a visit to the settlement of PLWD’s in Abuja. They were properly sensitized as well as given relief materials to enable them lead more comfortable lives and fend for themselves.
During the last BSOF Annual Event, four Persons Living with Disabilities (particularly Amputees), were awarded seed grants to help them start-up small business and improve their living circumstances.  The four beneficiaries are:
  1. Ms. Ukamaka Ojinalokwu
  2. Mr. Ugwuoke Gabriel
  3. Mr. Chukwudi Azegba
  4. Mr. Simeon Ezugwu

Ms Ukamaka Ojinalokwu is a 27 years old young woman, who is currently the bread-winner of her family of five inclusive of her aged parents. BSOF awarded her with a seed grant of One Hundred Thousand Naira only (N100,000). She started a tailoring shop and from her daily business, she now supports herself and her family members.

Mr. Ugwuoke Gabriel is a 46 years old father of four, who is also one of the beneficiaries of the One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) seed grant given to the People of Strength Empowerment Programme (PSEP) by BSOF. Mr. Gabriel started a palm oil producing company, from the cash award, he purchased a machine extracting the oil from the palm fruits and also the palm kernel producing both palm oil and palm kernel oils.  With this hard work, his family has daily source of income and food on their tables.

In addition to these success stories of these two beneficiaries who used their seed grants properly. The other two beneficiaries (Mr. Chukwudi Azegba and Mr. Simon Ezugwu) sadly, misused their own seed grants. They had nothing to show from the monies awarded them, but rather gave several excuses on the current situation in the country as a result of COVID-19.



Sam Chibuzor is one of the several beneficiaries of the Barrister Sam Otoboeze Scholarship Program. His story comes with a bitter-sweet memory as it was during the lockdown imposed by most states in Nigeria while BSOF was reaching out to support several families in poorest communities with relief materials that he was met. This particular outreach was in a local community church in Port Harcourt where someone mentioned a boy whose mother was killed by some unknown people after she had gone to her farmland to harvest some plantain for her daily business.
Unfortunately, that was the last time she was seen alive as her corpse was found later in the bush. She died leaving behind her unemployed sick husband and three sons. Sam the beneficiary was her first son who had no other means to continue his education. Then luck shone his way, when the matter was brought to the knowledge of the President of Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation. On hearing the sad tale, the President swung to action immediately to provide for her first son, Sam who, coincidently, is his namesake. Sam was offered scholarship all through his primary and tertiary level.
“A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special” – Nelson Mandela
Barrister Sam Otoboeze Foundation under the auspices of the Founder and President has given this boy hope and something to truly look forward to: An Education!

The pictures above shows Sam with his father (right) and Sam in a group photograph with BSOF Port Harcourt members (left)

Anukwu Rosemary Isioma is a beneficiariary of the free training program of Barrister Sam Otoboeze Skills Acquisition Centre in Ochima Enugu State. Her strong desire to learn how to make dresses and beads making was rralized  through benevolence showed to her and several other women and youths inclusive of the People Living with Disability (PLWD). Rosemary is an amputee who was assisted with an artificial (prostethic) limb and a small scale business take off grant of N50,000 (about $115) in November. Intrestingly, today Rosemary has a successful business in fashion and designing and beads making.
Her bead making business has provided her multiple streams of income, where she not only makes the beads and sells but also rents them to customers as wedding adornments/ ornaments for their marriages. The 360 degrees complete circle  is almost completed as, Rosemary is engaged to be married in October 2020.
Her beads making business

I would want to express my gratitude to God and the entire editorial team with special reference to Rev Fr, (Dr) Eva Chuma Nnamene MEMBER BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Mr. Joseph Agaga( ICT Specialist),Mr. Emmmanuel Ezea (Abuja member), Mr Alvin Nonso(Lagos member) Mr. Chuka Emeka (Enugu member & Hon Pastor Emeka Abugu Enugu member)  Mr. Ogwu Chukwuma(Port Harcourt member), and Ms Agbenu E Okibe (O.M National Office Abuja). Thank you for your valuable support in esuring the success of this edition.


During the youth empowerment scheme and scholarship award organised by Barr Sam Otobeze foundation at ochima in Igbo Etiti LGA. Enugu state. The President of the foundation Barr Sam Otobeze explained that when youths are occupied with profitable business ventures, they won’t have time to commit crime. According to him youths are vulnerable unless they build their personal security through human empowerment.

“ The moment you start thinking and projecting your business. You won’t have time for crime. Youths should reduce agitations. They should think inwards. Everyone has potential to become unique and successfull. Let’s not look for cheap means and crime. Any way they can use their head, use their hands, there are lots of opportunities, but we are not patient enough to look deep and discover them. Instead looking for quick fix, where is the money. No, life is not like that. They should come down, bend down, look for opportunities within their area. And then take it from there”.

While delivering her goodwill message the Enugu state commissioner for finance and economic development. Mrs Eucharia Offor urged the youths to lay good foundation for their future by Preparing today for better tomorrow.

“ It is encouraging our youths to become productive. Now that they are busy, they won’t be distracted by idleness. Not everyone will do white collar jobs. Some are better in starting their business. Youths should engage in something that will benefit them and their families.”

In his contribution the former Enugu state commissioner for local govt matters. Chief okey Ani advised youths to embrace humility, patience and wisdom.

“ Most important is humility, these days we don’t have humble youths. Another thing is patience. They are all in a hurry. They want to get rich quick They want to reach destination without making steps forward. And when you fly without wings. You break your leg. So I urge them to be patient take it easy, work hard and you will get there”.

Meanwhile the director general Nsukka chamber of Commerce, industry, mines and agriculture Dr Dan Ochi described skill acquisition as essential tool in tackling unemployment.

“ lf you are busy working, you will be concerned with adding value to yourself and family instead of causing trouble. When you have goals and personal development plans, you will be focused and won’t have time and energy to waste in negative actions”

Well, instead of waiting for government to satisfy all their needs, youths should wake up and take charge of their destiny. The traditional ruler of Idoha in Igbo Etiti LGA igwe Christian Eze has this to say.

“ Since Government cannot give all. Relying on self employment is reasonable. To empower the youths so they build their lives”.

The occassion featured the presentation of cheques as startup capital to beneficiaries of the scheme

Some of the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude

Emeka Abugu -” its a kind of self employment. Instead of being jobless and staying at home. It is better to find opportunities through skill acquisition programmes. Victor Enebechi “ instead of staying at home wasting time and talent. You find something doing. Gradually from low level, you attain great height”.

Capturing the moment the coordinator of Barr Sam Otobeze foundation and former Enugu state commissioner for Chieftaincy matters Pastor Emeka Abugu described youth empowerment as solution to peace and security in the land.

”It is a way of bringing peace to the community by empowering people to earn their living. Improving their financial fortunes and turning them into employers of labour. Youths should be responsible and follow due process to reach their goal”.

Barr. Samuel C. Otoboeze, CPP
Bsof president
PhD(UNN) - (member, board of trustee)
Barr. G. O. Okafor, OON, SAN, KSJ
(member, board of trustee)
HRH Igwe Christain Eze (Ezeoha I of Idoha)
(member, board of trustee)
Rev. Fr. (Dr). Eva Chuma Nnamene
(member, board of trustee)
Prof. Ngozi Ejionueme
(member, board of trustee)